Our Mission in Action

Christian Action League of MN was dedicated to exposing City Pages, a tabloid publication distributed for free in the Twin Cites area. City Pages proudly featured stories and advertisements supporting the local pornography and "adult entertainment" industry. Current research conducted by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has revealed the connection between pornography/adult entertainment and sexual exploitation. As long as City Pages featured sexually explicit content and allowed pornography/adult entertainment businesses to advertise, it was contributing to the rising public health crisis surrounding pornography and increasing world-wide sexual exploitation.

For more information about the link between sexual exploitation and pornography/adult entertainment supporting publications, visit:

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation

How does City Pages' presence in local businesses affect you?

~ Destroys childhood innocence Your child (or any innocent child) can easily pick up a City Pages newspaper and start looking through it, instantly being exposed to articles and photos of an explicit nature. Research supports that once explicit content is viewed, it becomes almost impossible to erase from memory.

~ Supports a public health crisis City Pages' explicit content and support of the pornography industry reinforces our hyper-sexualized society's track record of an ever increasing objectification and exploitation of innocent children, women and men. In response to this increase, state governments have passed resolutions declaring pornography a public health crisis. These states include Missouri, Utah, South Dakota, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida.

Who Will Protect Her From City Pages?

By Ann Redding, President of Christian Action League of MN 

While riding the bus this past week I saw a little girl looking at strip club ads in the free tabloid, City Pages.

I was sitting near the front of the bus. Two men were sitting near two young girls. The older girl told me she was nine years old, the younger girl looked about seven. The younger girl had a copy of City Pages in her lap and I could clearly see that she was looking at the strip club ads. Her expression was hard to read, but she was studying the pages closely. I pointed to one of the men and said, "Is this your dad?" The older girl answered 'no' and pointed to the other man who was seated close to them. He was absorbed in his phone.

I said, "Do you know what your child is looking at?" He said "Yes," and I asked him if he was okay with that and he again replied in the affirmative. I told him I didn't think it was a good idea for her to see the ads. He took it away from her and put it on the seat next to him.‚Äč
After ringing the bell for their stop, he picked up the two copies of City Pages from his adjoining seat and handed each girl a copy as they headed to the rear exit.

The thought of this man nonchalantly exposing these kids to the contents of City Pages is disturbing. Sadly, children of any age can easily access a copy of City Pages on the bus, at a restaurant or from a kiosk on the sidewalk. Or, apparently, a father, or other family member can supply them with their own copy.

History of our City Pages Letter Writing Campaign

Our letter writing campaign began in 2011. Its purpose was to educate Minnesota business owners about the link between City Pages and the increasing prevalence and acceptance of pornography and "adult entertainment" businesses in our community. City Pages began as an alternative tabloid but has morphed into the porn industry's best friend. On a weekly basis, readers are exposed to strip club, porn store and 'phone sex' ads. City Pages also features articles promoting the normalization of pornography in our society. It was our hope that once contacted, ethical and family-friendly businesses would cease to advertise in or carry City Pages.  

By reaching out to business owners through emails, postal mail and direct conversations, we were able shed light on the fact that partnering with City Pages contradicted many business owners' deeply held values and beliefs to protect human dignity. Gratefully, our letter writing campaign directly influenced dozens of Twin Cities businesses. They have ceased carrying City Pages on their property and many more have pledged not to advertise with them any longer.